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From initial idea to execution, our dealers and partners are locally available for professional assistance, service and advice

With the patented fold-out aluminium ice skating rink, we fill the entire facility with seven centimetres of water in just one go. After the freezing machines are switched on, the ice rink is available for skating within 12 to 48 hours.


Whether it’s an ice rink event in a city square or in a shopping mall, on a floating pontoon or aboard a boat, at the beach or in a stadium, in an arena or even in the woods, the options are virtually endless. Ice-World and its partners always deliver and our track record is impeccable.


Ice-World offsets its ecological footprint 100 percent.

Although we use wind energy for our Dutch projects, Ice-World’s global ecological footprint (resulting from ice rink production, transport and the general impact of our various projects) is estimated at 3,325 tons of CO2 annually. To fully offset our environmental impact, we are actively involved in a mangrove tree planting programme in Myanmar.


As ice skating events are usually organised for the local community, we work with dealers and partners because they know their country best and appreciate where an event should take place. Ice-World provides worldwide professional support, service and advice throughout the entire process.

Ice-World constructs mobile ice rinks for every occasion throughout the year.

We have a lot to offer. The type of ice rink we provide depends on the client´s wishes and the nature of the event. The event could involve a recreation ice rink, an Ice Fun Park with Fun Tracks and Fun Slides, a professional ice hockey facility or a 400-metre speed skating rink. Whether it’s a long track, a short track or a bandy rink, you name it and we make it happen!

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Icescape Limited v Ice-World International BV, Ice-World UK BV, and Steven Bottema.  On 23rd January 2017 the High Court of Justice of England and Wales, Patents Court, ruled that the threats of patent proceedings made by Ice-World in relation to Icescape’s mobile ice rinks were unjustified; that Icescape’s mobile ice rinks did not fall within the scope of Ice-World’s European Patent (UK) 1 462 755 B; and that this Patent was invalid.  A copy of the full judgment of the High Court is available on the following link