Ice skating is an centuries-old and very Dutch tradition. Ever since Ice-World invented the mobile ice rink in 1992, millions of people from all over the world have had a great experience on ice. In Europe, hundreds of temporary ice rinks are erected at wonderful locations every year. And beyond Europe, people have grown fond of ice skating as well, not least in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Mexico.

Mobile ice rink technology has undergone some major developments since 1992. We now construct ice rinks all over the world, even in regions with high temperatures. And it’s real ice, thanks to our unique, patented aluminium system.

Ice-World is a recognised authority in the field of mobile ice rinks and maintains a leading position when it comes to innovation and sustainability. Our high-profile projects have been traversing the world for well over two decades. Together with our dealers and partners, we organise and set up about 600 ice rink events each year.

  • Patented, fold-out aluminium system, appropriate for all seasons
  • A temporary attraction suitable for existing infrastructure
  • High-quality ice in temperatures up to 30°C/90°F at any location
  • Rapid installation and dismantling
  • Continuous development of new products
  • Sustainable: CO2 emissions totally offset
  • ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified
  • Global leader of mobile ice rinks
  • Production and head office 15.400 m2
  • Production capacity of 20.000 m2 per month
  • Patented foldable ice rinks for rapid installation
  • Over 120.000 m2 ice rinks in stock around the world
  • 20.000 skates, 1.500 Bobby® the Seal in stock



Ice-World is an established leader in the mobile ice rink business and wants people to appreciate the enormous amount of fun that can be had on ice: at any time and at any place in the world. For clients who are searching for that special, unique event, we develop top-quality, innovative ice concepts that use real ice and are highly sustainable.

Ice-World and its clients all ‘Join the ice experience’: a slogan which defines every aspect of our operation.


Ice skating moves people. It involves a lot of fun and brings people together across the world, no matter what the occasion. Regardless of the type of project, Ice-World always sets out to create the ultimate ice experience.

We strive for top quality and perfection in everything we do. We focus on innovation, sustainability and bringing added value to our clients.

And this focus exists throughout the entire process: from concept, development, production and logistics all the way through to installation, operation and providing additional services. Our strong customer focus, in-depth knowledge and many years’ experience mean that we only deliver the very best.

The result is that Ice-World is a recognised leader in the mobile ice rink business. Our ability to provide high-quality mobile ice concepts for sports events, fun and theme parks and other recreational purposes means that we are the ‘one stop shop’ partner for the ultimate, unforgettable ice experience.


Ice-World’s vision is based on four strategic goals: 

Connecting people and markets.
Offering surprising, high-quality mobile ice projects that guarantee 100 percent frozen fun across the world.

Focussing on innovation and sustainability.
Ice-World is committed to developing the most innovative ice concepts, services and products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. We completely offset our CO2 emissions by investing in environmental projects because everything that is affected by our core business is important to us. The need to look after the planet properly and respect people’s needs are preconditions for the technology and the solutions we develop.

Collaborating with partners.
Ice-World believes in partnership. We have the product, we are innovative, and we have the knowledge and experience. However, our partners know their markets best. Ice-World thus closely collaborates with all of its partners to achieve the ultimate goal: a successful ice event.

Sharing our passion for ice.
Ice-World’s slogan is crystal clear: ‘Join the ice experience’. We display our passion by working with clients to establish over 600 ice rinks worldwide annually for sports events, fun and theme parks and recreational purposes.


The Ice Fun Park in Mexico City, which local people look forward to each year. Some 4,000 m2 of ice, Fun Tracks and a 10-metre high Fun Slide draw thousands of enthusiastic visitors every day.


In the Warsaw National Stadium, Ice-World built a 4,500 m2 Ice Fun Park comprising three ice rinks, Fun Tracks and two large Fun Slides. The fantastic ice skating fun on offer and other various entertainment facilities attracted 500,000 visitors, including 215,000 skaters and 10,000 clubbers over a four-month period.


Whether you are taking your first steps on the ice assisted by skating aid Bobby® the Seal or set out to improve your track time on an ISU approved long distance track, ice is definitely for everyone.



Thanks to their background, our partners within the Ice-World dealership network have a strong grounding in local situations, languages and cultures within their geographical area. Along with their knowledge, business acumen and experience regarding Ice-World rinks, this makes them your ideal point of contact and source of advice.

Ice-World dealers engage in comprehensive strategies to realise and optimise a skating event.

The dealer will examine every project with the client right down to the finest detail, from the initial stages up to and including disassembly. He will look at, for example, how and when it is best to set up the rink, the ideal size required, the attractions and events surrounding it, as well as advertising and promotion, etc.

As far as Ice-World is concerned, the dealer and client have a common interest: to maximise the overall potential of the mobile ice rink.

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