What size should an ice rink be?

That’s all up to your wishes and the number of skaters you want to accommodate. We can make any size. The average size of a recreational ice rink is 20 x 30 metres. Our sport ice rinks comply with the official sizes. Our ice fun parks are all tailor made.

How much space do we need in total?

That depends on the size of the ice rink. The average space needed for the technical equipment (cooling unit, ice resurfacer) is about 35 m2. You also need an area for skates storage and change. Also add space for Food & Beverage if you plan to offer food or drinks next to the ice rink.

How many people can skate at the same time?

In general skaters need 3 – 4 m2 ice per person, meaning that 150 – 200 people can skate at the same time on an ice rink of 600 m2.

How many staff do we need to operate an ice rink?

This depends very much on the location and the scale of the event. You will at least need staff for ticketing, handing out skates, supervision on and maintenance of the ice.

How much does an ice rink cost?

Mobile ice rink prices vary substantially depending on the size of the rink and the length of the event. Other factors are the necessary infrastructure tent, flooring, chalets etc.), local climate conditions and the configuration of the rink and the event. The budget of an ice rink event (this is the budget for the whole event, so not just for the ice rink) starts at around €100,000 for a couple of weeks and can go up to a few million euros for large events.

How sustainable are Ice-World rinks?

Besides the energy saving aluminium system, 100% of the CO2 emissions is being compensated by wind energy and by planting mangrove forests. All production materials are recycled, we only work with environmentally friendly refrigerants and we are ISO 14001 certified.

What are the energy costs?

The energy costs of an ice rink depend on the type and size of the rink, the period of the event and the ambient temperatures. Due to the energy saving aspects of our aluminium ice rink system, the energy costs will be up to 40% less than other systems.
As a rough guide the energy consumption of our aluminium ice rink is around 1 – 2 kwH per m2 per day.

What is the maximum temperature that an ice rink can operate in?

Ice can be created and maintained up to 30 degrees C in outdoor locations. In case the ice rink is protected from wind and sun, we can guarantee ice until 40 degrees C.

What accessories are delivered with the ice rink?

Usually we deliver our ice rinks including skates, ice resurfacing equipment, and our skating aids Bobby the Seal®. We can also provide skate racks for storage of the skates, helmets, knee, elbow and wrists protection sets, and other accessories. As curling is a very popular activity on many ice rinks we also supply curling stones and rings (to be frozen into the ice).

What are the technical requirements for installing an ice rink?

The ice rink needs to be placed on a levelled site (margin 10mm). We also need electric power and water supply.

How much power do we need?

It depends on several aspects of the ice rink event like size, type of location (indoor, outdoor) and ambient temperature.
Exact details will be confirmed once the details of the ice rink is known.

How profitable is an ice rink?

Call us to discuss. We are more than happy to give you a custom made advice.

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