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Our specialty? Custom-made ice rinks for every occasion.

Whether it involves a small ice track for some frozen fun and recreation or a large-scale project for a major sports event, you can always tell that it’s unmistakably Ice-World. And that’s in no small part due to our professional team that delivers 24/7 quality support and personal attention.


Our rinks are supplied as standard with boarding to match the appearance of the rink.

We also provide skates, skate racks, our skating aid Bobby the Seal®, material for ice maintenance, helmets, protection kits for knees, elbows and wrists, protection equipment for the cooling pipes and curling stones for the curling rink.


The Ice-World ice rink concept is underpinned by a detailed and comprehensive technical framework, and sustainability forms a key part of this.

Our R&D department is fully committed to developing new, innovative applications in and around the rink and quality monitoring of the patented aluminium fold-out system.


The price of a mobile ice rink will depend on:

  • the size of the rink,
  • the duration of the event,
  • the location
  • and other facilities required at the site.



We set up our recreational mobile ice rinks in many towns and villages at home and abroad, mainly in winter. As Ice-World rinks are able to function in all seasons, ice rinks provide a great deal of pleasure throughout the year, even in summer!

Ice-World offers mobile ice rinks in a variety of sizes to suit the location and occasion. The skating rinks are supplied ready-to-skate, complete with perimeter boarding and cooling system.
The installation and dismantling of the Ice-World rink takes place under the supervision of Ice-World.


Our mobile indoor recreation rink offers families a fun break and is a proven crowd-puller in shopping malls.

Local entrepreneurs and catering establishments see their sales increase during an ice rink event.


Skating outdoors is the number one experience in frozen fun. And Ice-World ice delivers time and again. Even at high temperatures, real ice is guaranteed.


Ice fun at its very best! That’s what our customers tell us about Ice-World Ice Fun Parks, from the Netherlands and China to Poland and Mexico.

Ice Fun Park events are arranged in consultation with our clients, using various ice rinks that are linked by ice tracks (Fun Tracks). Metres-long ice slides (Fun Slides) are also often incorporated into the ice park and help to significantly increase visitor numbers.


Ice-World Ice Fun Parks are not only proven crowd-pullers in arenas and shopping malls but in theme and holiday parks too. As the Ice-World system is rapidly installed and dismantled, the location can soon be made available for other activities after the event finishes.


Having an Ice Fun Park in the outdoors is very popular. The Ice-World system is energy efficient and is capable of making and maintaining ice even at high outside temperatures. Our system guarantees that the ice quality of an Ice Fun Park is at the highest level.



Due to its mobility, this rink involves a smaller capital outlay and results in lower operating and energy costs than a permanent rink. It is suitable for permanent or temporary use.

The Ice-World mobile hockey rink measures up to 60 x 30 metres. It can be assembled and disassembled within 48 hours and installed either indoors or outdoors (for example, in an existing building, in the open air, inside a sports hall, etc.).

Very sturdy boarding is anchored in the ice and satisfies the requirements of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).

The referee and player boxes, penalty boxes and pitch lines come as part of the standard equipment, allowing match officials and players to operate on an internationally recognised ice rink.

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Figure skating shows have always fascinated people. As these events attract huge visitor numbers, you can’t afford to take any risks regarding operational performance and ice quality.

The quick installation and dismantling, the ice quality, the energy-saving aspects and the low investment costs are some of the reasons why figure skating event organisers across the world opt for Ice-World rinks every time.

““By means of this letter, the ISU would like to inform you that Ice-World supplied a 1,500 m2 rink and that the ice quality was fully compliant with the standards set by the ISU. Both from an operational point of view and also in terms of planning, we were happy to co-operate with Ice-World and will definitely consider collaborating with the company again when the opportunity next arises.”

ISU, Mr. Peter Krick, Chair ISU Sports Directorate


The Ice-World mobile 400-metre speed skating rink complies with all official ISU rules and regulations. It is delivered complete with cooling equipment, air-boarding, ice painting and lining and accessories.

The speed skating rink can be customised according to clients’ specifications and location requirements. It can be constructed virtually anywhere within a few days, either outdoors or within a permanent building or temporary structure.

This mobile system is a very economical solution compared to a permanent speed skating facility, as it requires a limited initial investment and has low energy consumption.

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In recent years, curling has really taken off. Our high-quality ice means that Ice-World’s curling rinks are suitable for both professional and recreational players alike.

Professional curling involves considerable skill, which is why a less complicated version is often played. Curling competitions are a popular part of company events where teams compete against each other.


Bandy is very similar to ice hockey and is extremely popular in Scandinavia and Russia.

However, there are some basic differences. It is played on a large ice rink, and 11 players from each team may be on the ice. The Ice-World bandy rink measures 70 x 110 metres, which is as large as a football field.


The Ice-World short track rink is ideal for short track speed skating competitions, which are held on ice hockey rinks of 60 x 30 metres in size.

The short track rink can be installed and dismantled within 48 hours and can be put to use in the open air, inside an existing building or in locations where no fixed rink is present or possible. While the track may be mobile, it can also be used as a permanent feature.

The Ice-World mobile short track rink requires much less investment, operating and energy costs than a regular short track rink. The excellent cold conductivity of the aluminium elements and the embedding of cooling pipes directly into the ice ensure that the ice is made quickly and is also top quality, even when operating in difficult conditions.

Ice for the short track rink needs to be a specific quality, not least in terms of smoothness. This means Ice-World ice engineer always work very closely with clients and local ice marshals to ensure that necessary standards are met.

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Frozen fun for everyone! Skating aid Bobby® the Seal was developed by Ice-World and is an enormous success. Thousands of kids around the world take their first steps on ice with help from Bobby.

Bobby is multifunctional: by grabbing his tail, one child can learn how to skate, while the other child rests on Bobby’s back. It’s double the fun!

Moulded plastic makes Bobby® durable, safe and easy to maintain.

Find out more about Bobby® the Seal on his website


An ice rink isn’t complete without skates! Of course, we provide these too.

Ice-World rents out exclusive orange hockey skates from the smallest children’s size 29 up to size 48. For the little ones, we have dual blade skates in stock. We can also supply the skates including a practical, removable, mobile skate rack, which is – like the ice rink itself – easy to install.


We have different styles of boarding to suit each type of rink.

For recreation rinks, we offer rustic wood, transparent and white plastic boarding with an orange border. The boarding Ice-World provides for official sports events, which for example involve the ice hockey rink and the 400-metre speed skating rink, is supplied according to official standards.


Curling is a great addition to any rink.

So, in case you want your own curling facility, we provide curling stones and rings to go with your ice rink. In addition, we can also supply equipment for a game called ice stick shooting. This is similar to curling but much simpler. An ice stick has to be pushed as close to the target disk as possible.


As safety is paramount, sturdy helmets are also included in our range, sporting the orange Ice-World colour, of course.


To protect vulnerable parts of the body, we can supply protection sets in different sizes.


In addition to the different types of boarding, we can also provide our ‘header covers’. These covers serve as protection as well as decorative coverage for the cooling pipes that are placed at one side of the rink.


For the maintenance of small rinks, we deliver standard snow shovels to remove ice scrapings. For larger skating rinks, we stock a special ice resurfacing machine.

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Thanks to its unique properties, the aluminium rapid ice formation system produces ice easily, regardless of the outside temperature.

Contrast this with an ice rink made of EPDM, where spraying water for 36 hours is necessary to obtain a sufficient layer of ice. The mobile aluminium ice rink consists of a series of fold-out elements that are easily connected to each other using a few quick-release couplings. The system combines speed with quality as everything is pre-assembled and factory-tested, which means the ice rink can be installed within a matter of hours.


The Ice-World ice rink consists of aluminium elements that fold out and do not require any assembly. Installation only takes a few hours.

We can set up a 600 m2 skating rink in around two hours. The boarding around the rink is frozen solidly into the ice, so it also requires very little attention.


The fold-out aluminium ice rink is a product of Ice-World. This product is protected throughout the world by intellectual property law.

Manufacturing, using, marketing, reselling, leasing, supplying or otherwise trading this product, or offering, importing or holding it in stock for any person or party of any sort, without the explicit permission of Ice-World, is a criminal offence for which a prison term of four years may be imposed as punishment. In case of a violation of its rights, Ice-World will immediately file a complaint with the police and additionally take legal action against all parties concerned.

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Wind, sun and rain in combination with high temperatures cause ice to melt at some point.

As our aluminium skating rink transfers the cold to the ice much faster and more directly, this type of skating rink is less sensitive to bad weather than other systems currently on the market. After a rain shower, the rink dries more quickly, and even in bad weather it can usually remain open for skating.


Ice-World ice floors consume up to 40 percent less energy than traditional ice rinks made of EPDM or PE.

This is due to our patented system whereby the ice surface is frozen by aluminium tubes. As metal is a much better conductor, less energy is needed. Furthermore, the tubes lie in a water reservoir only seven centimetres deep, so less energy leaches away via the floor. As a result, the system allows for rapid ice formation and also uses less energy during operation. On average, the ice rink uses 1 kWh per m2 per day.

The engineering firm Sparkling Projects was commissioned by Ice-World to validate the energy savings. Testing and certification organisation TNO/TÜV checked the calculation models and tested the various products in its laboratory and concluded that the Ice-World rink does actually save up to 40 percent in energy costs.

Ice-World is ISO-14001 certified.


Ice-World and its dealers are fully committed to being environmentally responsible.

We are concerned about people, the environment and society. In developing our aluminium ice rinks, we focus on sustainability, not least in terms of energy efficiency and re-usability.

The manufacture, rental, sale, assembly and disassembly of the mobile aluminium ice rinks are carried out sustainably. Aluminium and all other components are re-used, and the storage of the coolants is done in accordance with proper procedures and regulations.


The price of an ice rink depends on a variety of factors, such as rink size and rental period. However, ice rink rental accounts for only a limited part of the overall budget for a skating event.

The remainder is spent on decoration, publicity, personnel, energy, insurance, tents and flooring, etc.

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